Pansy Details

Further experiments with flowers! What does 99 cents get you? a handful of pansies. Beautiful and common, these tiny flowers hold quite a bit of beauty in their tiniest details.

Photographed at 12:1 lifesize and focus-stacked from 40 separate handheld shots, this image shows part of the flower up close and personal. To the left and right of the flower’s center, there exists this: an odd-looking collection of bulbous growths that would seem more at home on the ocean floor and a thousand times larger. All this in a tiny flower!

This image was shot with an off-camera flash attached to a table with gaffer’s tape, and the flower held in place with a “third hand” tool that I routinely use for positioning my macro subjects. Why handheld? Because I can… because it’s just easier for me with my snowflake experience.

click image for larger version