Marsh Gossip

I was spending a bit of time in the Bear Creek Wetlands the other day, and noticed two turtles sitting on the other end of the marsh.

With 1120mm of telephoto lens in front of my camera, they were easy to bring into the frame. As I waited, I noticed more and more turtles showing up, until there were six.

Photographed using a Canon 800mm F/5.6L IS with a 1.4x extender III.

Most turtle species in Ontario are at risk. Check out a website trying to increase awareness:
Kids for Turtles

The turtle species in Ontario are at risk for a number of factors, including loss of habitat and roadkills. The eggs can also be very fragile, and the areas where turtles, especially snapping turtles, like to lay their eggs put them at risk.

Photographed in Barrie, Ontario.

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