Reaching for the Dew

Dew drops created by a morning fog, resting on the newly-born needles of a plant on the forest floor.

Photos like this are why I love photography – it helps me open my eyes to see things I would normally pass by without a second thought.

I wasn’t looking for anything remotely like this when I was out with my camera one early morning. I was out looking for a hard-to-find species of Trillium known to be in the area. Thankfully I missed the flowers until a return trip, or I never would have found this composition.

This image is shot with natural light, hand-held. On this scale, the tiniest movement creates a completely blurry image. Shooting long bursts is the technique here, and hoping that one of the images in the burst comes out clear. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Thankfully I didn’t have any coffee that morning!

Photographed near Barrie, Ontario

click image for larger version