Painted Night

Taken with a fisheye lens, the night sky is painted with greens and purples as we stand almost directly under the “aurora belt”, the region circling the north pole where the northern lights are the strongest. I don’t mean to say that we were near the north pole, but at the perfect latitude for magic in the sky.

I had identified the perfect spot to take this image on one of our first days in the region. I made a note that if the sky were to light up like this, we would heady out by zodiac to this point in the middle of the night. Traveling with a group of hunters made me feel safer wandering around at this hour.

I need to thank my uncle for getting out of bed and playing the role of “armed guard”. With wolves, black bears and grizzlies around – and having little knowledge of their behaviour – I was quite nervous.

The bright object in the center of the frame is the planet Venus.

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