Painted Bay

After a long day, I had to just keep going – down to the waterfront here in Barrie and snap a photo from across the bay. I suppose I could make this image just about any night, but something compelled me to shoot it at the end of a 16-hour day. I’m a glutton for punishment I suppose!

Truth is, as a professional photographer I don’t get out shooting as much as I’d like, and I take every opportunity and excuse to do so.

The water was relatively calm that night, but not completely still. Because of this, the water currents are revealed by changes in the waves on the surface, becoming smoother with faster-moving water. This is easy to see when the light reflections hit them, and their clarity and brightness increases.

This is a single frame – no HDR work here. I boosted the brightness of the reflections, but I had a nearly-full moon behind me to help lift up shadow detail throughout the image.

click image for larger version