Forgotten Sunrise

Old farm houses, long forgotten in today’s modern age, still stand in overgrown fields. I always imagine their story as I drive by. One of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever witnessed was found here one summer morning.

A certain amount of planning is required to make an image like this, to the tune of “right place, right time”. Weeks in advance, I scouted out locations to make this image, and found this farm house north of Thornton, Ontario. After confirming that yes, the light will work here… I set to come back.

4:00AM I’m up and getting ready for the photo, because the sun was to rise at about 5:45AM. I was there on time, and the light was perfect for less than a minute. If I wasn’t in place for 20 minutes before-hand, I wouldn’t have been prepared to make the perfect image.

Photographed in Innisfil, Ontario.

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