Battle of Light

Photographed at the Barrie waterfront as a storm cell passed through, giving off quite a light show. I was actually photographing from the shoreline visible in this image as the storm passed directly overhead, drenching me and my camera. Another photographer was there too, shooting with a 7D that may not have survived the storm. Happy to have weather-sealed gear!

I traveled to the spot where I took this image for a better vantage point as the storm passed off into the distance. Because the lighting was quite far away from the camera, the thunder faded to silence even though the light show continued to impress.

This image is two shots combined, occurring with a gap of 2 seconds in between. I had my camera set to shoot 2 second exposures to try and remove motion blur from the clouds. This image could have been made with a 6 second exposure in one frame, but much of the detail in the clouds would have been lost due to their movement over that time.

The camera was set to intentionally underexpose the frames, in the hopes that the extra light from the lightning would balance the exposure better.

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