Yukon Sunset

The top of a mountain in the Yukon was the location where I took this photo. After traveling on ATVs along an increasingly dwindling road to an old mine site, I decided I wanted a better view. The road didn’t go up to the top, so I headed up on foot. When you’re done reading, view large!

Moments later, I realized how horribly out of shape I was.

Making my way to the top, I was standing above the tree line, looking towards the Itsy Mountains and beyond that, the North West Territories. The air was thin, and taking a moment to catch my breath I noticed that the only things living up here were grass and ground squirrels.

The sun was setting, and by the time I was done taking photos it had set completely. The northern lights were starting to reveal themselves through the sky, though just barely. The next challenge was getting down and back to camp before twilight passed to night, but I was certainly ready for it – I got what I came for.

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