Sensor Cleaning

With the right tools and professional experience, I am able to remove dust, dirt, oil, or whatever has found its way onto your camera sensor.

Tired of being annoyed by dots in your photos? I use the best tools available, provided by Visible Dust – specifically engineered for modern digital SLRs.

Take a look, this is what I find on a worse-than-typical DSLR sensor in need of cleaning:

Not too pretty, is it? This would be an editing nightmare…

After a good cleaning and multiple inspections and re-cleanings, we get a fairly pristine sensor:

It is also important to clean the focusing screen, reflex mirror and any other components inside the camera that can collect dust. I’ll clean everything that doesn’t require a complete disassembly of the camera.

Cost? $40

  • All makes and models: Cropped Sensors or Full-Frame
  • Both dry and wet cleaning for the safest, most effective results
  • Sensors, focus screens, and mirrors all spotless