Scanning & Restoration

Everyone has memories locked away in their closet, in old dusty frames and forgotten in the attic. Time is not kind to old prints, and you’ll often find your favourite memories faded and damaged. Let’s bring them back to life.

Prints, negatives, slides of any size. From the smallest Instamatic film to 16″x20″ prints and larger, I can scan your photos with the very best quality and attention to detail.

Click image for 10 megapixel version

Standard scanning will give you a 10 megapixel digital version of your old image. This is more data than most old prints and negatives contain. Need more? Just ask. I can scan to any resolution and even provide you 16bit TIFF images if the highest quality is what you’re after in specific situations.

35mm film will often result in a better quality scan than the print made from it, so negatives are always preferred. Scanning is often used along-side restoration to bring your old photographs to a better-than-new condition. Contact me for details.

Old photos are almost always affected by the ravaged of time. Fading, cracking and tears, and colour shifting can distort your memories from what you once knew. Modern technology allows for images to be seamlessly restored to their original state, and with the proper tools I can make them look better than you’ve ever remembered them. Need an example? Here you go:

Extreme care is taken with your originals, and if you live in Barrie, I try to hand-deliver them back to you whenever possible. Contact me for a quote, based on the image(s) you need restored.