Professional Editing

You’ve got the photographic eye. You’ve got the photographic skills. Bridge the gap between what the camera sees and what you see. I have taught courses on Photoshop for Photographers, and I am more than happy to take your image through a transformation much the same way my images change. Here’s an example:

It was a tranquil scene, just after sunset. The light was much more vibrant than my camera was able to capture. As good as digital imaging is, it is never as good as human vision. Running the image through Photoshop, I am able to create what I originally envisioned:

The hidden treasures in this image would be completely lost without expert editing. The RAW data from a camera in the right hands can make all the difference. Here is another example:

I has the idea to do a fisheye photo from nearly underneath the Eiffel Tower while visiting Paris. The shot was technically as good as the camera could give me. With a little editing magic, I was able to get the colours the way I remembered them, recover the sky, and end up with the image I intended to capture:

So, What can I do for you?

  • Object or Person Removal
  • Head Swapping from multiple images – Make everyone look perfect in a group portrait
  • Highlight and Shadow recovery
  • Cosmetic Touch-ups
  • Perspective / Distortion Correction
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Conversion
  • Image extension for better framing / canvas edge printing
  • Cropping & Recomposing
  • Selectively defocusing backgrounds
  • Selective Colour – leave one object / colour intact and turn the rest to black / white
  • Really… anything you can imagine!

If you need anything done to an image, get in touch.