Ultraviolet / Macro – November 15 2020, Princeton NJ




Princeton, New Jersey

Sunday, November 15, 2020, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Macro Water Droplet Workshop
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ultraviolet Photography Workshop
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Ultraviolet Workshop
Explore a world you might only imagine as science fiction. With the camera you already own and nothing more than a macro lens or inexpensive extension tube, reveal surprising treasures when you experiment with ultraviolet light. Flowers, insects, minerals, and many artificial ingredients become otherworldly when you make them fluoresce, glowing in essence as their own light source. You become the orchestrator of near magic in a photographic realm so close to your fingertips, yet so seldom explored.
Ultraviolet lights will be provided. During the class, we’ll cover theory, demonstrate techniques and experiment to capture incredible images.

Macro Workshop
Photographing refracted images within water droplets reveals the beauty of simple physics and opens the creative doors to unlimited possibilities in macro photography. This hands-on workshop is open to photographers of any skill level. Even with simple gear we can make magic happen! If you don’t have equipment dedicated to macro photography, we’ll work with reverse-mounting lenses to get close. Much of this workshop involves improvisation and will spark creative solutions to all kinds of photography challenges. Expect it to be challenging, but you will walk away with images you’d be proud to share.

“Left the workshop with a solid understanding of the approach to this style of photography and looking forward to putting it all into practice on shots I’m already starting to plan.” – Harry

“Macro photography at its best! Don Komarechka was an engaging, funny, immensely talented photographer with spectacular photos of water droplets, snowflakes, flowers and bugs! He was able to connect with all the levels…in the class in a personal way and made everyone feel comfortable even though some of us were total beginners. He was informative, exciting, and took the time to help every single person individually. We all learned about this amazing world of seeing what is usually “unseen” and brought skills home. One of the best classes I have taken.” – Sharon

“Don was knowledgeable, funny and very interesting. He provided guidance to every person and inspired ideas that are creative and doable at home.” – Lauren

“I got the opportunity to attend Don Komarechka’s Vision and Macro workshops with Princeton Photo Workshop and they were OUTSTANDING and worthwhile investments of time and money. I can’t wait to put in to practice what I learned. Don’s presentation style is perfectly suited for teaching, He answered every question in a professional and friendly manner. I most highly recommend Don Komarechka’s workshops and Princeton Photo Workshop!! 10/10 stars if available!” – Gilbert

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