Eagle’s Vista

High in the Rodopi Mountains of Bulgaria is an outlook only accessible by all-terrain vehicles. Орлово око (Eagle’s Eye) offers an incredible view, and one I was thrilled to enjoy as part of my honeymoon. Part of our travels around my wife’s home country included caves, historic cities and breathtaking vistas like this. Bulgaria has plenty to offer in natural beauty!

This scene is a false-colour infrared image. I also shot the landscape in visible light, but the surreal infrared look was far more appealing. Just after sunrise, the trees on the distant mountains maintain a “magical” quality. The darkness in the sky towards the top of the frame also gives the illusion that the mountains are touching the edge of space.

I was told that the small section of barbed-wire fence was part of a movie set, where prisoners were trying to escape over an impassable landscape. The filming had completed some time ago, but a few small sections of fencing were left intact. I’m not sure if it adds anything to the image, but I wanted that lone tree to be part of the foreground.

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