Barrie Under Fire

Lighting crashing across Kempenfelt Bay and the cityscape of Barrie. A warm summer night with a violent storm passing through, this photo juxtaposes the beauty and power of nature with the civilization of man.

I was sleeping when the lightning started. It kept waking me up, and something possessed me to get out of bed, jump in the car, drive across town, set up the camera, and hope for this shot.

The first blast of lighting happened just to the right of where I framed my image… I was not pleased. I realigned my camera where the storm was heading and waited. and waited. and after about a half hour of nothing lighting up the sky, I was moments from heading home.

I was watching the clock, two minutes from packing up and getting back to bed when this shot was taken.

The hardest part of making this photograph? Being there.

This is a limited edition piece. I am only making 10 of these in total, and three of them are already gone.

Photographed in Barrie, Ontario

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